A Flutter in the Night
Kyrn’s Legacy: Book One

The Five Fingers of the Black Hand have risen – a society of necromancers resolute in suffocating the world of Einroth beneath their black magic. Over hundreds of years, the Dark Ones have become nothing but fable, childhood stories. Now, the Dark Ones have returned. Prince Kyrn must set aside his family and embark on a grueling journey to unite the forces of Einroth. Constantly chased by the Dark Ones, Kyrn learns the secrets of his own life, and of the world he was born into.

The Lands of Einroth

The Anthology: Towns That Were
An Episodic, Narrative Podcast in Audiobook Format

Michael Sage Gormley

Michael Gormley lives near Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and cat. Michael is a graduate of the Cleveland State Bachelor of English: Creative Writing program. He received his Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Lakeland Community College; however, his true passion has always been writing. A Flutter in the Night is is most recent novel.